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6–12 Campus Ministry

The grades 6–12 campus ministry program at Regis High School and Regis Middle School involves the entire faith community at the schools. It is a ministerial complex of efforts that seeks to build a living faith community.

The program is attentive to the schools’ Catholic identity, the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy, the quality of religion classes and the witness of students and teachers to the life of virtue.

The campus ministry program at Regis is led by the Regis priest-chaplain who is the the director of campus ministry. The chaplain works closely with the part-time lay campus minister, the service learning coordinator and the religion department in coordinating and implementing the components of the program.

The program entails six components:
- Education
- Liturgy and sacraments
- Retreats
- Pastoral care
- Christian service
- Community-building programs

Educational Component

The educational component includes classroom visitation, lectures and presentations and assistance to the religion department in teaching certain areas of the Faith, especially those in regard to the Theology of the Body. Other academic departments benefit from the campus ministry program’s assistance in teaching areas of the Faith in collaboration with another discipline.

This component assures the full implementation of the religion curriculum framework of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the diocesan religion curriculum. This component also assists with student assessment of the Faith and its practice through diocesan-approved assessments.

Liturgy Component

The liturgy and sacraments component includes the celebration of the Eucharist, the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, communal prayer and other related areas, including the regular opportunity for the adoration of the exposed Blessed Sacrament. This component of campus ministry, with zeal and patience, promotes proper liturgical instruction and the faithful’s active participation in the liturgy, both internally and externally.

This component, combined with the educational component, assures the correct and proper teaching of the Sacred Liturgy, especially the Mass, as the outstanding means whereby the faithful may express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church.

Retreat Component

The retreat component includes all-school retreats, class retreats and faculty retreats. These retreats contain aspects of forming community, appropriating the Faith, forming Christian conscience, educating for peace and justice, facilitating personal development and developing leaders for the future.

Faculty retreats and religious certification sessions are coordinated by the campus ministry program to facilitate personal development and to assist with Diocesan-required basic and advanced religious certification. Yearly student retreats and the educational component loosely follow the same curriculum so that students are able to live what they are being taught in the classroom through class retreats.

Pastoral Component

The pastoral component includes vocations-awareness, parish and deanery ministry programs, leadership training, assisting with alcohol and drug-abuse programs, suicide-prevention programs, programs on the situation of divorced and single parents and other related issues, including the ethical and moral use of technology and the communications media.

This component, combined with the educational component, assures that the religion curriculum includes the Church’s teaching on the respect for all human life and the universal call to holiness. The full implementation of safe environment teaching and practices is stressed and assured through this component. This component finally stresses and assists parents as the first and prime educators of the Faith for their children.

Service Component

The Christian service component includes collections for relief projects, visitation of nursing homes, community-service projects, tutoring programs and social actions. This component also stresses the missionary nature of the Church and promotes providing assistance to the Diocesan orphanage Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II in Lurín, Peru and Holy Cross Parish in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

This component, combined with the educational component, assures that the religion curriculum includes components on the essential missionary nature of the Church, on farming as stewardship of the land and on personal stewardship as an essential response of faith.

Community Component

The community-building component includes peer-ministry programs, recycling and other environmental programs, school-promotion activities and faculty involvement in community-building activities.

This component, combined with the educational component, assures the presentation and integration in the religion curriculum of the principles and norms on ecumenism, the formation of consciences for faithful citizenship, the Church’s social teaching and the teaching about the evil of crime, domestic violence, and racism.


Marianne Callaghan, Regis Parent
"It is so well worth it for us to sacrifice financially for our kids to come here because honestly, we don't feel like it is a sacrifice. We feel like it is an investment in their future."
- Marianne Callaghan, Regis Parent
Fr. Derek Sakowski, Dean
"We are able to engage at every level of the human person every single day, in every classroom, and in every subject. That's something that you can't put a price tag on."
- Fr. Derek Sakowski, Dean
Shaughnessy Murphy, Class of 2002
"The Regis motto, "Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow", couldn't be more true. The foundation for my successes today were first forged in the classroom and athletic programs at Regis."
- Shaughnessy Murphy, Class of 2002
Griffin Johnson, Class of 2020
"With a small school like we have, it really gives more of an opportunity to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities and sports, which really enhances my experience here at Regis."
- Griffin Johnson, Class of 2020
Erika Galewski, Teacher
"Teaching is my vocation and I feel God calling me to teach. Having the strong faith-based education that we provide is something I think is very important for students to have at all age levels and all grade levels."
- Erika Galewski, Teacher
Elizabeth Cerny, Regis Parent
"Regis Catholic Schools helps nurture each child's hopes and dreams and teaches them how to care for others and grow in their own faith. The teachers challenge their intellect by allowing them to fail and prasing them when they grow and learn how to accomplish what they didn't think was possible."
- Elizabeth Cerny, Regis Parent
John Mulligan, Class of 1983
"The values I learned at Regis carry over for your entire life; values like treating people respectfully and working hard to achieve your goals. These are values that lead to success in life."
- John Mulligan, Class of 1983
Michele Seeman, Regis Parent
"There is a level of comfort here that we can't get at the public schools. We believe the staff and other parents hold the same basic values that we do, which is important. Additionally, we feel that Regis Catholic Schools is the best option for preparing our children for the future."
- Michele Seeman, Regis Parent
Mike Andrews, Regis Parent
"We just feel at home and so do our kids. Regis is a great place to be and it's where our family wants to be."
- Mike Andrews, Regis Parent
Grace Kristo, Class of 2020
"I feel like the focus on service and helping others has helped me grow as an individual and the class sizes have given me an opportunity to learn more than I could at a public school."
- Grace Kristo, Class of 2020

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Regis Catholic Schools is dedicated to educating students of all faiths in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment. We are united by Our Core Values of Living Faith, Accepting Responsibility, Promoting Teamwork, Achieving Excellence, and Inspiring Leadership.