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Child Development Centers


We operate two facilites in Eau Claire; the Genesis Child Development Center and the Regis Child Development Center.

Our curriculum follows the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. Lesson plans are purposely constructed by using age-appropriate activities to provide your child with a variety of academic experiences that promote problem-solving abilities, persistence and a passion for lifelong learning.

Each child’s progress is monitored through assessments using the Portage Guide Birth to Six – a comprehensive assessment tool used to track progress, record essential observations and plan individualized teaching strategies for each child.

Safety and Security

  • Keyless entry system
  • Video monitoring and security cameras
  • Doors remain locked at all times to ensure the safety of all children
  • Comprehensive staff background checks upon hire and annually thereafter

Infant Program

Our program for infants is based on the individual needs of each child. We feel that infants develop best when given loving care from trusted adults and the freedom to explore and learn at their own rate. Play, self-discovery and self-expression are at the heart of day.

Each day includes:
  • Nurturing, individualized care
  • Activities and experiences that boost cognitive and motor skills
  • Floor activities, reading stories, signing songs, stroller rides and outdoor time

Toddler Program

Toddlerhood is a very important time in your child’s development. It’s a time when language, social, cognitive and physical skills are growing at a fast pace. As self-help skills improve, toddlers become increasingly independent. Our teachers encourage their curiosity by providing a safe, loving, and active learning environment.

Each day includes:
  • Individualized care
  • Planned activities


A stimulating learning environment is an important and powerful teaching tool. Our preschool program offers a wide variety of activities to engage your child and prepare him or her for future academic success.

The developmentally-appropriate readiness experiences are part of a stimulating environment which foster and promote social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive development of each child.
  • Planned teacher-directed and child-directed activities
  • Lesson plans include emphasis on language development, math and science skills, problem solving skills and building relationships

4 Year Old Kindergarten - EC4T (Eau Claire 4 Tomorrow)

The Eau Claire 4 Tomorrow Program (EC4T) is the name of the 4K program in the Eau Claire Area School District. It is a voluntary, comprehensive child development program providing an enrichment opportunity for all four year old children and their families prior to 5 year-old kindergarten.

The EC4T program is implemented using a community-collaborative model that builds on existing early learning programs, child care centers, private preschools, Head Start programs and religious-affiliated schools in partnership with the Eau Claire Area School District to provide quality early childhood education for four year olds.

There is no cost for the EC4T program. Both centers have two sessions -- one in the morning from 8:15-11:45 a.m. Monday-Thursday and an afternoon session from 12:45-4:15 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

Wrap around care is available before and after each session at regular tuition rates. Children must be 4 years old on or before September 1st.

The program is taught by a DPI licensed teacher. The curriculum addresses the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards for preschool children and focuses on early literacy skills (Handwriting Without Tears curriculum), social-emotional development (Second Step curriculum), math skills, language and science. Daily activities include morning meeting, literacy, center time, creative art experiences and large motor activities.


  • Before/After School Care (Regis site only!)
    • School-age children spend most of their days in a classroom. Our program combines guidance and security with independent exploration for school-age children.
  • Schools Days Off Care
    • Care provided when school is closed for conferences, vacation, or weather.
  • Summer Camp
    • School-agers participate in a variety of activities and field trips each week, with plenty of amazing things to discover about the week’s theme.


The Genesis and Regis Child Development Centers provide teachers with a supportive and respectful teaching environment. We are proud of the care that we provide at our programs and recognize that the quality of our teachers is the key to our continued success. We are always interested in meeting talented individuals who are passionate about teaching young children.

Please feel free to complete and return this digital application. When finished, you can e-mail your completed application to Gayle Flaig at gflaig@regiscatholicachools.com.

If we do not have an immediate opening, we would love to be able to contact you at a later time.

Regis Catholic Schools offers a full benefit package and competitive salaries.
- Health Insurance
- Dental Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Disability
- Retirement
- Paid Time Off
- Paid Holidays


John Mulligan, Class of 1983
"The values I learned at Regis carry over for your entire life; values like treating people respectfully and working hard to achieve your goals. These are values that lead to success in life."
- John Mulligan, Class of 1983
Megan Pokrandt, Class of 2016
“My experience at Regis was wonderful. The teachers are very compassionate and are always willing to take extra time to make sure they provide their students with the best education possible. I am very grateful for the education I received at Regis. I feel that it will really help me in putting my best foot forward into my future.”
- Megan Pokrandt, Class of 2016
Mike Andrews, Regis Parent
"We just feel at home and so do our kids. Regis is a great place to be and it's where our family wants to be."
- Mike Andrews, Regis Parent
Jenae Pederson, Class of 2013
“Regis allows for the opportunities to be involved in many activities - academics, co-curricular, and spiritual - all at the same time. Because of these opportunities, I know I can make a difference with my time, talents and treasures.”
- Jenae Pederson, Class of 2013
Michelle Wampler, Regis Parent
"Years ago, we made the decision to start with Catholic preschool and we haven't looked back. We've enjoyed every moment since then."
- Michelle Wampler, Regis Parent
Danica Lowry, Regis Parent
"I heard a lot of people talk about the Regis family and I didn't really know what that meant. But, after having my kids go here, I really get what that means. It means that everyone really looks out for each other and takes care of one another and it really does feel like a large family."
- Danica Lowry, Regis Parent
Shaughnessy Murphy, Class of 2002
"The Regis motto, "Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow", couldn't be more true. The foundation for my successes today were first forged in the classroom and athletic programs at Regis."
- Shaughnessy Murphy, Class of 2002
Joe Larson, Class of 2016
"I never had any regrets about coming to Regis. I think this is the best place I could be. It is a friendly atmosphere and you get to know the teachers, which is great. They are not just another teacher for you and you are not just another student for them. You really get to know them."
- Joe Larson, Class of 2016
Billy Wampler, Class of 2015
"We start almost every single class with a prayer. We are leaning on God to help us. It gives us an opportunity to learn things a little differently."
- Billy Wampler, Class of 2015
Megan Brooks, Regis Parent
"We like the religion tied into the education at Regis Catholic Schools. It gives our kids the option to decide for themselves what they want to do with their beliefs."
- Megan Brooks, Regis Parent
Julia Lopez, Class of 2016
"We learn about ethics and morals and what Christians would do in certain situations. We just go deeper into religion than I have in any previous Catholic school."
- Julia Lopez, Class of 2016
Jack Usher, Class of 2017
"Regis is absolutely worth every penny that you spend here. It is just the greatest environment, the greatest teachers and the greatest people."
- Jack Usher, Class of 2017
Regan Alexander, Class of 2016
"Students at Regis Catholic Schools are given so many academic opportunities. We have a wide variety of AP courses and you can take online courses through difference colleges. Whatever you're interested in...you can do here!"
- Regan Alexander, Class of 2016
Kristin Rindt, Regis Parent
"My child looks forward to going to school every day. That's huge!"
- Kristin Rindt, Regis Parent

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Regis Catholic Schools is dedicated to educating students of all faiths in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment. We are united by Our Core Values of Living Faith, Accepting Responsibility, Promoting Teamwork, Achieving Excellence, and Inspiring Leadership.