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Work for the Week

November 7-11

VocabularyTest Thursday
Bound - verb; to leap, jump, or spring.
Check - verb; to stop or hold.
Lunge - verb; to make a sudden forward movement.
Frantic - adjective; Very excited with fear or anxiety.
Picture - Verb; to form a mental image of; visualize; imagine.
Romp - noun; lively or spirited play. 
Shoulder - verb; to place on the shoulder or shoulders for carrying.
Strain - verb; To work as hard as possible; strive hard.
Stride - verb; A single, long step.
Wheel - verb;  to turn or whirl around in place.
English/Grammar – we will continue our narrative writing project and learn about direct and indirect object, Test Wednesday
Reading – understanding characters, author’s word choice, dialect, comprehension test Friday
Spelling – more vowel + /r/ sounds, test Friday
Math –  Continuing with Topic 4: Using Models and Strategies to Multiply Decimals
Social Studies – we are continuing to learn about U.S. geography and states. We will have our second states test on Thursday.
Science – We are learning about the states of matter.
Religion – November virtue: Humility

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

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