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7th grade social studies

September 30-October 4

  • Create a poster of one of the major religions from around the world

September 23-27

  • Compare Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Go over Judaism
  • Hip Hughes video for Islam
  • Poster of a world religion

September 16-20

  • Religions of the world -- understanding the cultures of other countries
  • Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam

Week of September 9, 2019

  • Slide shows of physical geography of the world with dramatic music are due Monday. We will be showing them to the rest of the class, so make sure to share the slideshow with me
  • Overview of major religions of the world. Each day we will cover a different religion. This is so we can understand why other countries have some of the practices that they do when we study the countries of the Eastern Hemisphere

6th grade social studies

Oct 28-Nov 1

  • Choose a country of Central America or the Caribbean and create a slideshow which shows items from all 5 themes of geography from that location. At least 10 slides (2 per theme) and an annotated bibliography, which we will be making using Easybib.com

Oct. 21-Oct 23

  • Finish study guides for Chapter 7 -- Caribbean and Central America

September 30-October 4

  • Who discovered America?
  • "Wanted" poster for early explorers/conquistadors

September 23-27

  • Ducksters for Aztecs, Mayas, Incas
  • Introduce Venn diagrams and create one for the three early cultures of  Latin America
  • Conquistadors


  • Aztecs/Mayas/Incas on Ducksters.com

Week of September 9, 2019

  • Continue with the 5 themes of geography. This week we will look at each of the themes individually and get a basic understanding of what they are and what some of the terms are that we will be using.

  • There are currently no assignments at this time.

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