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Literature Survey Syllabus

Literature Survey is a one year required course consisting of two chief components: a survey of literature focusing primarily on the basic genres (short stories, poetry, drama, essays, novels and media), and a writing component focused on essays and a major autobiographical writing project.  Additionally, significant time will devoted to building basic grammar skills through daily oral language activities.

The course is designed to help you to be well-rounded, successful and literate adults.  You will improve your critical thinking, reading and writing skills.

Required Materials

Students must come to class with the following:

- 2 spiral notebooks specifically devoted to English class (one for daily language activities, one for notes).

- A pen (preferred) or pencil

- The books or reading materilas needed for class

- You are strongly encouraged to have an English folder for handouts as well.


As you are now high school students, I will treat you as young adults, working always to give you the time, attention and respect you deserve.  Additionally, I think it is important that you are always made aware of why we are doing whatever we are doing.

- Please come to English class ready to learn.  I expect you to come on time with your required materials in hand and your homework completed.

- To avoid distractions, cell phones and tablets willbe deposited in the row baskets at the beginning of class.

- To make sure that we are all on the same page regarding politeness and the end of the class period, be aware that the bell does not signal your standing and leaving.  Please wait to be dismissed verbally.

- The most important expectation is that we all work to show respect for one another and classmates and human beings.  We will strive to give everyone an opportunity to participate in class without fear of being demeaned or judged.  Please treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.

Class Time Format

- As you enter, you will open your D.O.L. notebook and complete the D.O.L activity projected on the screen.  Daily Oral Language activities focus on sentence structure and punctuation.  These skills are essential for becoming a good writer (which will help you in every professional career).  Additionally, the exercises are direct practice for the ACT exam, which will be extremely important to your college entry process.

- We will come together to go through the D.O.L. and collect any homework that is due.

- You will then take out your English notebook, and I'll share our learning objective for the day and why it is important.

- From there we will launch the day's activity.


The course is set up in a total points system consisting of the following components:

+ Daily work - This includes questions and class activities (generally 10-20 points)

+ D.O.L. notebook - I will collect the D.O.L. notebook periodically (up to 10 points weekly based on completion and organization). 

+ D.O.L. Mastery Quizzes - 10 points each, must re-take until perfect concept mastery is demonstrated

+ English notebook - I will also collect the English notebooks and assign 30 points per quarter based on completion and organization. (Getting things done and being organized are essential skills for being successful in school and beyond).

+ Short homework assignments (10-20 points)

+ Essays/papers/projects - Ranging from 20-300 points

+ Quizzes - Often centered on the previous day's reading assignment, discussion or activity (10-30 points)

+ Tests - Unit tests are usually worth 100 points

Additionally, points can be earned for class participation.  Opportunities foir up to 25 extra credit points per quarter will be listed on assignments.

* Note that late assignments will be penalized one full letter grade for each day it is late.

Vision Statement

I believe that all students can learn at a high level.  As young adults navigating an exploratory and formative part of your lives, now is the time to develop the productive habits and positive attitudes that will set you up for long term fulfillment and success.  I pledge to do what I can to help you to excel in English class and beyond by focusing on the four cornerstones of character, work ethic, citizenship and academic achievement.

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

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