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¡Hola! This is information that will help you for this school year, 2021-2022.

Elementary School Spanish:

The Spanish program in the Regis Catholic Elementary Schools is designed to be exploratory and fun! Progress and participation is celebrated. Grades K-3 are not graded. The emphasis is on active enjoyment, exposure, and appreciation for differences amongst all “The People of God: El Pueblo de Dios.”  

Assignments for Virtual Learning, for those quarenting, or those who want song links:

Please go to the Assignments page linked in the left side bar during the regular school year.

General Information, New Students and Supplies:

A summary of what we've worked on and will be working on with activities are provided in the Monthly Updates section.  (A link is provided in the left side bar.) Supplies your child(ren) need for the year can be found by scrolling down further in this announcement. Don't forget to check the Parent Resources section for 'Reinforcement Ideas' and links for ideas for reinforcing Spanish outside of school. Links to some of the lyrics and songs we sing are provided in the Parent Resources section in the 'Music' area. Many songs can be purchased individually for downloading if you wish. I continue to learn how to use an iPad and hope to soon list some appropriate apps in the 'Reinforcement Ideas' section as well.

If you have a student in Gr. 2-5 who will be new to our system next school year they will be given a “Review Packet” to take home in October or November. Completion is optional. The packets are provided to ease worry for new students and parents and to provide awareness of what has been introduced in past grades. Each school year each grade level reviews previously introduced Spanish. This packet provides extra help and practice. The supplies each student is to bring for next school year are as follows...

Supplies needed for Elementary Spanish Classes for the 2021-2022 School Year

The school will provide a pronged folder for Kindergarten through Grade 5 for a Spanish Grade Level Work Portfolio.

Please make sure your child brings crayons OR colored pencils as part of their regular classroom grade level supplies. 

Grade 5 needs to bring a composition book for vocabulary and other activities.  

No other supplies are needed for the school year.
¡Muchas Gracias!


Office and Work Hours:

I have offices at Immaculate Conception Elementary School and St. James Elementary School but I travel between all three elementary schools.  I am a part-time teacher.  I do not work on Fridays.  During the school year I will be at Immaculate Conception on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8:00 and 4:00 p.m.; St. Mary’s Elementary School on Tuesdays and St. James Elementary School on Thursdays. Please feel free to contact me at any of the schools or by email at llarabee@regiscatholicschools.com.


         Grace and Peace,

                   Señora Lynne Larabee


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Regis Catholic Schools is dedicated to educating students of all faiths in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment. We are united by Our Core Values of Living Faith, Accepting Responsibility, Promoting Teamwork, Achieving Excellence, and Inspiring Leadership.