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UNIT TWO: The Age of Autocracy 1618-1789


1. Describe how the reign of Louis XIV marked the height of absolute monarchy in France.

2. Explain how disagreements between kings and Parliment led to civil war in England.

3. Explain how Russia became a major European power.

4. Explain how Enlightenment ideas spread throughout society.


INFORMAL: Question and Answer sessions and reviews

FORMAL: Completed review sheet and a formal test


UNIT TWO: Chapters 5-8


Chapter 5:

Describe the demographic, ethnic, and social character of Britain's colonies in the 18th century, and indicate how colonial society had changed from the 17th century.

Chapter 6:

Explain what caused the great contest for North America between Britain and France, and why Britian won.

Chapter 7:

1. Explain why Britain adopted policies of tighter political control and higher taxationof Americans after 1763 and how these policies sparked firece colonial resentment.

2. Assess the balance of forces between the British and the American rebels as the two sides prepared for war.

Chapter 8:

1. Show why the American Revolution should be understood as a civil war between Americans as well as a war with Britain, and describe the motivations and treatment of the Loyalists.

2. Describe the fundamental military strategy that Washington and his generals, especially Nathaniel Greene, adopted, and why it proved successful.

3. Describe the terms of the Treaty of Paris, and why America was able to achieve a diplomatic victory that exceeded its military and economic strength.


INFORMAL: Discussion, Quesion and Answer sessions

FORMAL: 50 question mutiple-choice test; four short essays, two long essays, and two DBQ'S


UNIT ONE: 1607-1850

Parts Two and Three (1777-1809 and 1810-1850)


Explain the development of the US Constitution and government and the effect of the Bill of Rights

Analyze the influence of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson on the early years of the American Republic

Discuss the causes and results of the War of 1812

Analyze the rise of Andrew Jackson and the development of "sectionalism" in the US

Explain the concept of "manifest destiny" and the expansion of the US to the West.

Describe the compromises that prevent the Civil War 1820-1850.


INFORMAL: Question and answer sessions, review sessions, checking written assignment packets

FORMAL: Two written formal quizzes. 

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