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Hello students and parents.

This is my first year of teaching at Regis High School and I am excited to be here.  Click the link below for my introduction.


Economics is how we decide to allocate limited resources for unlimited wants.  The most limited resource we have is time.  We will develop the tools necessary to decide how to best use our time, both in our private lives and in our work.  We will also study the proper role of government in a free enterprise system.  The class will be evenly divided between microeconomics and macroeconomics.

In American government, we will spend a great deal of time on the US Constitution, since it is the basis of our government.  Since the role and powers of the federal government can be pretty controversial, we will also spend some time not just on civil discourse, but on Christian discourse.  We will not have debates in class, where the purpose is to defeat the opposing position, but we will have discussions, where the purpose is to understand the opposing position and arrive at solutions to problems.

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