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U. S. History 8
Eighth grade social studies is the first of two years of United States History.  It starts with Native American migration to the Western Hemisphere and ends in 1877 with the close of the era of Reconstruction.  The ninth grade course continues from that point.
Major units of study are:
Native American migration
The exploration, discovery, and colonization of the Americas
The 13 English Colonies
The American Revolution 
The Constitution
The growth of the United States
Slavery and Secession
The Civil War
Course goals include:
Identification of people, places, and events important to U.S. History 
An appreciation of the origin and growth of American democracy 
Connecting the thread known as the African American experience 
A conceptual knowledge of the territorial growth of the nation
A realization of the impact of the Civil War on American History

U.S. History 9

Ninth grade social studies is the second of two years of United States History.  It starts with a review of U.S. History 8 and ends with 9-11 and it's impact or beyond if time permits.

Major units of study during Semester One are:

U.S. History 8 Final Test

U.S. History 8 Review

Citizenship Test

Red Badge of Courage

Glory Field

Chapter 10: Reconstruction

Chapter 11: Settling the West

Chapter 12: Industrialization

Chapter 13: Urban America

  • Immigration
  • Urbanization, The Gilded Age, Populism
  • The Rise of Segregation

Chapter 14: Becoming a World Power

Chapter 15: The Progressive Movement

Chapter 16 Section1: The U.S. Enters WWI

Major units of study during Semester Two are:

Chapter 16: World War I

Chapter 17: The Jazz Age  {the 1920s}

Chapters 18 and 19: The Great Depression

Chapters 20 and 21: World War II

Chapter 22, Chapter 24:2, Chapter 29:4: The Cold War

Chapter 25: The Civil Rights Movement

Chapter 26: The Vietnam War

Chapter 27: Protest Movements 

Chapters 28-31: Nixon to Bush 43

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