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American Literature: Shadows of Imagination

Textbook:  Mirrors and Windows - Students will be able to apply the history of our country to the literature created during that time period.  Assessment:  Test
Students will be able to determine what genre of literature is represented in the writing. Assessment:  discussion, reading
Students will have knowledge of myths, folk lore, poetry, letters, legal documents regarding the start of our country.
Students will be able to apply Catholic beliefs and practises to the literature where applicaple. Assessment: discussion, lecture, test

Students will be able to memorize vocabulary for unit 4, 5 and 6

Assessment:  notecards

Students will be able to discuss The Great Gatsby, have knowledge of the time period of the novel and                   determine the characters of the novel.

British Literature: Mirrors and Windows: British Edition

Student will be able understand the timeline for British literature. Assessment:  quiz

Students will be able to apply reading strategies to Frankenstein and The Kite Runner

Assessment: discussion
Students will be able to create essays that statisfy the 5 paragragh standard. Assessment: notes
Students will apply their understanding of British history to the literature being written during the time periods. Assessment:  discussion

AP English: Quarter 3

Student will be able to apply their comprehension of literature and then write an essay of AP caliber writing.  Assessment:  reading
Students will be able to analyize poetry and literature in order to successfully complete the AP test. Assessment: essay
Students will be able to cite author and titles in an essay in the proper format. Assessment: essay/discussion
Students will be write essays in the AP format. Assessment: essay, discussion

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