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Junior and senior year are very challenging for our students.  I hope that if and when the students need help, they will let me know.  If you see that your child is struggling, please contact me via email (lzukaitis@case.k12.wi.us) immediately.

For seniors, we will be working on college applications and essays the first week of school.  I know it is best for our students to apply as soon as possible, so we will take the first couple of days to help them get started.  Seniors will also be doing an indepth research paper during the year.  This is to ensure that have this experience before going off to college.

Juniors will be delving into American Literature.  We will be reading several novels besides what is in our textbook. This textbook covers poetry, short stories, letters, journals, diaries, and one play.

We also have new textbooks that will be arriving soon for both American Literature and British Literature.  When they arrive we will switch textbooks and try to pick up where we left off!

Parents, please let me know if you have any concerns.

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