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My Classroom

My classroom is room 132.  I follow the syllabus most often on schedule.  Every once in a while - snow days, speakers, etc. happen.  My syllabus is created with the idea it would take less than a day to catch up.

I do my best to have test corrected within 24 hours and entered on Skyward.  The students may not get them back right away because another student has not completed the task.  We go through tests in class after everyone has taken the test.

I follow the guidelines in the student handbook.  Juniors and seniors are responsible for the work missed.  I do NOT chase them done.  They have 7 teachers, I have 120 students.  They need to take responsibilty for their work.  A zero will be place in skyward if missing work is not turned in.  Late work is not accepted.  

Extra curricular activites are a privilege - work must be completed BEFORE they attend games, YLEC, etc.  

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Regis Catholic Schools is dedicated to educating students of all faiths in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment. We are united by Our Core Values of Living Faith, Accepting Responsibility, Promoting Teamwork, Achieving Excellence, and Inspiring Leadership.