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Weekly Plans

Tri 3 8th graders - please check your email daily and log onto Google Classroom for your daily assignments during online school for COVID-19

 8th Grade Mass Class

1st Hour - Mrs. Yengo's Classroom

Week of September 4th: Cromebooks, Mass Survey, Parish/School Patron research, Edge-The Approach, learning about liturgical objects & Sacristain duties 

Week of September 9th: Learn about the prayers of the faithful & brainstorm new prayers of the faithful for Regis weekly Mass, overview of what happens during the first half of Mass-Liturgy of the Word(Edge-The Ascent), more sacristain & liturgical object training, reflecting on the Sunday readings, and Friday-a vocab matching quiz with a reflection question at the end. Every day but Wednesday the groups will have time to work on their prayers of the faithful worksheet. 

Week of September 16thListen to the podcast on why we use wafters during Communion, learn more about the 2nd half of Mass-Liturgy of the Eucharist (Edge-The Apex). Sacristian duties. Bible reflection & reflection on the guest speaker. Learn about Adoration & pray in the Chapel. 

Week of September 23rd: Podcast on Stained Glass, reading from Behold the Mystery, Stained glass assignment, birds eye view of what your church looks like assignment, pre-reading the Sunday readings, Sacristian duties, quiz & reflection

Week of September 30th: Podcast on church pews, Biblical references of what is said during Mass, Sacristain duties, pre-reading the Sunday readings. 

Week of October 7th: Behold the Mystery: Sabbath, Tradition, and a walkthrough of the Liturgy. Sacristain duties and pre-reading the Sunday readings. 

Week of October 14th: Holy Days/Solemnities/Feasts, Saints of October, and Sacristain duties

Week of October 21st: Liturgical Seasons, Nupital Mass, and quiz & Sacristain duties

Week of October 28th - Postures at Mass (Edge-Body Language), Saints-Renovo Podcast & time to work on group project, Catholics and Halloween? + recap on the order of Mass , All Souls Day & Divine Mercy Chaplet, Sacristain duties. Lifeteen's Lectio Live to read the upcoming readings. 

Week of November 4th - Podcast about Insense, working on group project, game to review the order of Mass, quiz & Sacristain duties, & visit from Fr. Sedlacek. 

Week of November 11th - Sacristan duties, get prepped for Advent (Praying Waiting Anticipating - Edge), group project work, recap the guest speaker, Lectio Divina of Sunday readings

Week of November 18th - Group project work, take the same Mass survey that we did in the first week of class, Sacristan duties, group presentations

Week of November 25th - Group presentations and end of class fun! 

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

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