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Bible Study for Sunday the 28th (Summit - 13th Sunday in OT)

1. Opening prayer: God, thank you for your faithfulness. May we return this gift, always being faithful to your Word and will for our lives. Strengthen our conviction, Lord, especially in times when we have lost our hope in you. Reignite our hope in you, so we may rejoice at the promise of eternal life. Amen

2. Think to yourself: When was the last time you found yourself in need of something to drink? Describe the experience. What are people in the world really "thirsting" for? What do people want? Are these things easy to find? Do they satisfy?

3. Read the Gospel for this weekend: Matthew 10:37-42

4. Watch the reflection video here.

5. Read Matthew 10: 37-42 again

6. Journal or discuss with someone else:

-What do you put in front of Christ? If you ranked the importance of (or your love for) different things in your life, what is above Jesus?

-Reflect on Matthew 10:39

-Why is it so difficult to put Christ first in our lives? What obstacles seem to prevent us from doing this? 

-Have you ever thought about the "rewards" of discipleship? What are these rewards? How can we remember that discipleship has a cost but also an eternal reward?

-What crosses do teens often carry? What crosses are you carrying?

Closing prayer and challenge:

Reach out to a friend and ask them what they need prayers for. Pray for that friend and give up/fast from something to fast for your friend's cross. 

Bible study for Sunday the 21st (Summit - 12th Sunday in OT) 

1. Opening prayer: God, we thank you for always being in our corner, for always cheering us on and supporting us. Thank you for sending your only Son to save us from sin and death. Strengthen us against temptation and help us trust in your goodness. We make this prayer in the name of your son, Jesus. Amen. 

2. Think to yourself: When was a time you won something? What was it, and how did it happen? Have you ever needed to be rescued? What was the situation? 

3. Reading the readings before you go to Mass is a great way to enter into the Mass! This study is focusing on the first reading, Jeremiah 20:10-13. 

4. Click below (where it says, "click here for lots of online resources for your faith) to our linktree and click the link that says, "video reflection on Sunday readings for June 21st". After you do this Bible study, check out that link for other resources!

5. Journal or discuss with someone else:

-Do you trust that God is with you in times of difficulty or temptation? Why or why not? 

-Have you ever experienced persecution for your faith? What was that experience like? How was God present in that situation? 

-Do you find it easier to praise God when things go well or to be angry at God when things do not go well? 

-Is it possible to praise God when things do not go well? How?

-What do you need to do in order to trust God more in good seasons and bad seasons of life?

Closing prayer & challenge:

Look over these psalms. Which one speaks to you the most? Challenge yourself to read the Psalm you chose each morning.

Psalm 13, Psalm 23, Psalm 27, Psalm 56, Psalm 62, Psalm 144

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