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UPDATE | Inclement Weather Make Up Days

Dear Regis Catholic Schools Families,

I’m praying this is the last message I will have to send you concerning weather-related make up days.

I received the Department of Public Instruction’s re-calculation tool to determine our number of instructional hours for the current school year.

Using this tool, I completed the following:

1 | Subtracted our eleven (11) snow days from the original calendar we submitted last year.

2 | Subtracted our three (3) two-hour late start days from the original calendar we submitted last year.

3 | Added our additional minutes of instruction beginning March 19th. (Grades K-5 = 15 Minutes & Grades 6-12 = 18 Minutes)

4 | Added our already announced additional days of instruction.

After these calculations, the final day of school for grades 6-12 will remain as Tuesday, June 11, as previously announced. As for our elementary (K-5) students, we will need to add two (2) additional days to fulfill the required instructional time.

The last day of school for all of our Regis Catholic Schools students (K-12) will be Tuesday, June 11.

The minimum number of instructional hours for grades K-5 is 1,050. With these two additional days in June, we will now have a total of 1,053.9 hours. The minimum number of instructional hours for our middle and high school is 1,137. With the mentioned adjustments, we have a total of 1,139.2 hours.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

God Bless,

Mark Gobler

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