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IMPORTANT | Early End To 2018-19 Scrip Year

Due to Spring Break being the last week of March, all in-person Scrip purchases made at the Regis Catholic Schools Central Office must be completed by Friday, March 22 in order to count towards your 2018-19 Family Fee. (The original deadline was March 31.)

The Scrip desk at the Regis Catholic Schools Central Office will be closed Monday, March 25 through Friday, March 29. March 31 falls on the Sunday of that week, hence the need to push up this year’s deadline to Friday, March 22.

Every year, each Regis Catholic Schools family is responsible for paying a $250 family fee. The Scrip program gives you an opportunity to satisfy that fee by purchasing gift cards and certificates from local and national vendors. If your family earns more than $250 worth of Scrip credit in a year, the remainder will be applied to the following year’s tuition at Regis Catholic Schools!

Families receive 50% of the profit from their Scrip purchases towards their annual family fee based on the normal Scrip profit percentage allowed by the merchant. Regis Catholic Schools receives the other 50%, which helps us with funding tuition assistance and other general needs. Even if you can afford to pay the $250 family fee out-of-pocket each year, we would still appreciate you participating in our Scrip program, as it is one of our largest fundraisers for Regis Catholic Schools. The Regis Catholic Schools Scrip year normally runs from April 1 to March 31. We do this to better coordinate with the school year and to allow us to bill any families who have not satisfied their family fee through Scrip purchases before summer break.

If you would like to know how much Scrip credit you have earned during the 2018-19 Scrip year, please contact our Scrip desk at (715) 830-2273, ext. 1404 or scrip@RegisCatholicSchools.com.

Want to learn more about the Regis Catholic Schools Scrip program? CLICK HERE to check out our Scrip User Guide.

P.S. Did you know? Anyone can purchase Scrip and designate your family to receive the family fee credit. That means you can encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of the family, or neighbors to make purchases that will benefit your family.

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