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IMPORTANT | Weather Closure Update


This winter has been active, with three weather-related school closures already in the books.

Each year, we create our school calendar with additional instructional minutes built in to accommodate a certain number of closures. (The Wisconsin Department of Instruction dictates the number of required instructional minutes. The number of DPI-required minutes differs from the elementary level to the middle/high school level.)

We have reached our limit of three (3) closures for the Regis campus. (Regis Middle School & Regis High School) Moving forward, all full-day school cancellations would be required virtual learning days for our students in grades 6-12.

In the event of a full-day weather-related school closure, all middle and high school students will be responsible for checking in with their teachers at the start of each class period. This will be done via Google Classrooms or by email check-in. Upon check-in, each teacher will have assigned work for the student to complete at home for each of their designated class periods.

Virtual learning will not be held on any late start/early release days for students at Regis Middle School and Regis High School.

We still have room in our calendar for more traditional weather-related closures at the elementary level. If we have more late starts, early releases, or school cancellations, those days will continue to be traditional ‘snow days’ (days off) for our students in grades K-5.

We also have the ability at the elementary level to create an alternative plan to recoup lost learning time during each school day, if necessary. (For example, shortening recess time.) That is not necessary at this point. If it becomes necessary to modify the schedule at the elementary level, we will communicate with you at that time.

We work in partnership with Student Transit for bussing, and our weather-related delays and/or closures are based on the company’s decision regarding the safety of the roads.

Regis Catholic Schools is working to find the best manner to deliver meaningful instructional options that will effectively serve our students at their grade level for future weather-related school closures. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we continue through the winter months.

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