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2020-21 RCS Faculty & Staff Updates

Thank you for choosing Regis Catholic Schools for the education of your child(ren). As we begin the new school year, we want to pass along the following faculty and staff updates for 2020-21 across the system.

2020-21 Faculty & Staff Updates

Not Returning

  • Mark Gobler | President (Regis Catholic Schools)
  • Alexandra Esser | German (Regis High School)
  • Sandra Casetta | Library Instructional Assistant (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Kristin Hughes | Regis Campus Minister & Religion (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Kathy Long | Guidance Administrative Assistant (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Patrice Sykora | Cook (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Jill Klotz | Language Arts (Regis Middle School)
  • Christi Machler | Language Arts (Regis Middle School)
  • Teresa Jahr | Elementary Technology (Immaculate Conception Elementary School, St. James Elementary School & St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Amy Canfield | 2nd Grade (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Jennifer Wampler | 5th Grade (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Sheri Martin | Paraprofessional (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Donna Simon | Paraprofessional (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Sally Bartig | Administrative Assistant (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Abby Fell | 4K Teacher (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Linda Menard | Paraprofessional (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Anita Smith | Cook (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Denise Lemke | Reading Specialist (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Moriah Sternecker | 1st Grade (St. James Elementary School)
  • Mary Snyder | Resource Room Paraprofessional (St. James Elementary School)
  • Reid Sollberger | Paraprofessional (St. James Elementary School)
  • Nancy Spanel | Paraprofessional (St. James Elementary School)
  • Jolene Schwartz | Preschool Aide (St. James Elementary School)
  • Shelly Kern | Cook (St. James Elementary School)
  • Bill Uelman | Advancement Director (Regis Catholic Schools)
  • Pam Foegen | Director of Pupil Services (Regis Catholic Schools)
  • Anita Wahl | Hispanic Outreach Liaison (Regis Catholic Schools)
  • Robyn Brenner | Advancement Assistant (Regis Catholic Schools)

Position Changes

  • Kelly Mechelke | President (Regis Catholic Schools)
  • Malia Clements | Mental Health Coordinator (Regis Catholic Schools)
  • Suzy Sturz | Dean of Students (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Jon Jarocki | Grade 7 Math & Athletic Director (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Ellen Killian | Student Services Teacher (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Sherry Lesczykowski | Grade 6 Reading/Language Arts (Regis Middle School)
  • Karla Petersilka | Grade 6 Math & Science (Regis Middle School)

New Faculty & Staff

  • Jim Jeffries | Social Studies (Regis High School)
  • Howard Campbell | German (Regis High School)
  • Ann Seidl | Religion (Regis High School)
  • Claire Stoiber | Campus Minister & Grade 6 Religion (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Nicole Meldahl | Language Arts (Regis Middle School)
  • Beth Borst | Library Instructional Assistant (Regis Middle & High School)
  • Sarah Tyrolt | 2nd Grade (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Laura Dircksen | 5th Grade (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Ona Moore | 5th Grade (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Clarice Essex | School Counselor (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Deanna Prihoda | Paraprofessional (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Alison Welin | ELL Paraprofessional/Paraprofessional (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Kelly Schofield | Administrative Assistant (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Jurita Lea | 4K Teacher (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Victoria Seversen | Paraprofessional (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Michael Blevins | Cook (St. Mary’s Elementary School)
  • Ashley Devroy | 1st Grade (St. James Elementary School)
  • Leslie Bates | Paraprofessional (St. James Elementary School)
  • Michelle Leis | Paraprofessional (St. James Elementary School)
  • Nicole Lanners | Paraprofessional (St. James Elementary School)
  • Emily Gehling | Cook (St. James Elementary School)
  • Mark Golden | Advancement Director (Regis Catholic Schools)
  • Lindsey Engel | Executive Assistant to Advancement Director & President/Scrip Coordinator (Regis Catholic Schools)

Please keep all of these individuals in your prayers as they make these transitions!

CLICK HERE to see a full online list of our Regis Catholic Schools faculty and staff and to find links to individual classroom websites.

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